All ingot is sourced from carefully vetted suppliers and melts are carefully monitored using our in house spectrometer. We us predominantly electric melting which ensures a high level of flexibility, control and quality. The tables below detail the commonly used materials for the castings we supply in aluminium & bronze casting alloys.

Aluminium Casting Alloys

LM4 – Al-SI5Cu3Mn0.5

LM6 – Al-SI12

LM25 – Al-Si7Mg0.5

L99BS2 – Al-Si7Mg0.3

L169BS2 – Al-Si7Mg0.6

Other specifications available to BS EN 1706
Maximum aluminium casting weight 650 Kgs.

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Bronze Casting Alloys

AB2 (ASTM 95800,CC333K) – CuAl10FeNi5 – Aluminium Bronze

LG2 (B62,CC491K) – CuSn5Pb5Zn5 – Leaded Gunmetal

LG4 – CuSn7Pb3Zn2 – Admiralty Gunmetal

B61 (ASTM 83600) – Gunmetal/Red Brass

HTB1 – High Tensile Brass

CT1 – Zinc Free Bronze

Other specifications available to BS EN 1982 & ASTM
Maximum bronze casting weight 225 Kgs.

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