Foundry Facilities

Over the years we have realised that no one system or method suits the full range of castings we produce. We like to think we’ve retained the pick of some older methods while embracing the very best of the new technologies. Consequently, when we take on new work we are not limited by a fixed production route. Flexibility and fault tolerance are the cornerstones of our plant design ensuring a consistent quality end product.

Tooling & Pattern Making

Aluminium Casting Pattern LM25 - Resin Pattern

3D CAD/CAM using data in all formats

Traditional tooling from technical drawings (2D)

Tools in metal, resin & hard wood

Casting Method & Solidification Simulation

Coremaking Systems

Aluminium Casting Sprue - LM25Gas-set resin system (Blown & Hand Filled – Cold Box)

Shell (Hot Box)

3D Printed cores from CAD

Moulding Systems

Aluminium Castings on uk production line

Greensand – Jolt/squeeze semi-automated

Self-set Resin system (Airset)

Gas-set Resin system (Betaset-Cold Box)


Aluminium Bronze High Pressure Impeller Casting - AB2

Heat Treatment

Shot Blasting





Non destructive testing (NDT) –

Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)


CMM Reporting