Increasingly we are required to produce certification for the castings that we produce. The overwhelming reason for this is the higher level of traceability that end users specify as the world demands greater responsibility that what we produce is fit for purpose and to specification. Whilst this increases the administrative burden we are happy to provide whatever is required to give confidence in our product. Our core processes and systems are controlled by the effective implementation of our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.  This helps us ensure customer and applicable requirements are met while keeping a strong customer focus and a desire to improve systems, processes and performance.

We also hold Lloyds works approval which puts among a small number of companies in the UK that hold this type of approval. This gives our customers further confidence in our processes when considering us for contracts that specify these approvals in the specifications.

Further more we can provided chemical and mechanical analysis with the castings by producing test pieces that are independently tested to back up in house spectrometry test on ingot pieces. Should witnessed pouring be required we are also able to engage exterior inspectors during the casting process to provide documentation to 3.2.