Nickel Aluminium Bronze Casting Alloy – AB2 (C95800/CC333K)

General Information

ASTM B148 UNS C95800 is a very strong nickel aluminium bronze alloy. It has good castability, high strength and has an outstanding corrosion resistance due to a tough oxide film. Aluminium bronze can also be heat treated to further increase its seawater corrosion properties and thus it is particularly useful for seawater service.  Shock and wear resistance is also excellent and it is also easy to machine.

C95800 can be welded and also has very good levels of thermal and electrical conductivity. Additionally C95800 retains its strength and ductility at low temperatures.

Typical Applications

Common applications of C95800 are in marine environments with the material being used for seawater valves and ship components and in industrial environments with the material commonly being used for valve bodies, gears and propeller blades among many other things.

Impeller made in AB2/C95800 casting
High Pressure Aluminium Bronze Impeller (CC333K)

Chemical Composition

C95800 Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength min 585 Mpa

Yield Strength min 240 Mpa

Elongation in 2 inches 15.00% Aluminium Bronze High Pressure Impeller casting (C95800)