Bronze Castings

Bronze Sand Castings

Draycast manufactures bronze castings using sand castings processes. We employee both green sand moulding and airset mould systems to produce bronze castings. Bronze covers a wide range of metals which have a wide range of mechanical and chemical properties. Traditional leaded gunmetals such as LG2 & LG4 have vastly different properties than aluminium bronzes such as AB2/C95800. We cast a wide variety of metals every day and can if necessary source specialist bronzes for specific applications

The alloys we use are detailed below and please follow the links to the various individual pages for a more complete description, chemical analysis and application notes for each alloy. We can source other alloys as required but these are what we use on a daily basis.

Bronze Casting Alloys

AB2/C95800/CC333KChemical and sea water resistantValve bodies, Pump casings, Impellers
LG2/B62/CC491KValve bodies, Pump casings, Impellers
LG4Marine fittings, Bushes
HTB1Couplings, Architectural fittings, Bindery parts