Aluminium Castings

Draycast manufactures aluminium castings predominately using sand castings processes but also offer die castings usually when a customer is looking to source a complete package of jobs. We employee both green sand moulding and airset mould systems to produce many different types of aluminium castings. Modern Resin bonded sands allow significant benefits in terms of improved mould complexity and flexibility. Green sand moulding while is a traditional system does bring significant benefits as relatively easy to setup, recycle but leads itself to simpler casting challenges.

The alloys we used are detailed below and please follow the links to the various individual pages for a more complete description, chemical analysis and application notes for each alloy. We can source other alloys as required but these are what are used on a daily basis.

Aluminium Alloys

LM4AL-Si5Cu3Cost efficient
Medium strength
Common Engineering
LM6Al-Si12High corrosion resistance
High ductility
Medium strength
Pressure tight castings
LM25Al-Si7MgV Good mechanical properties
General purpose high strength aluminium alloy
High Quality engineering castings, high strength
BS2L99Al-SiMg0.3Excellent mechanical properties
Good pressure Tightness
Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy
Aerospace alloy
BSL169Al-Si7Mg0.6Extremely good physical properties.Aerospace Alloy